Thatched Roof Consultant

Currently, roof thatching has transformed into a niche expertise, with fewer homes choosing this traditional material compared to historical times. We distinguish ourselves in the industry as experienced thatched roof consultants, offering our services throughout the United Kingdom to both residential and commercial clients. With over twenty years of practical experience in the thatching industry, we deliver a professional and competitively priced service.

What is Involved in the Consultation?

As part of our service, we will conduct a comprehensive examination of your thatched roof to identify the necessary work. Throughout the project, we offer our expert guidance and are available to answer any questions you may have. Our assessment delves deeper than the surface appearance, evaluating the overall condition of the thatched roof to provide well-informed conclusions.
Reed Roof

Different Types of Thatched Roof

There are various types of thatching materials used in the industry, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Reed Roof Thatching

Reed thatching is a popular choice for both contemporary and historic properties due to its durability and long lifespan. In the UK, reed roofs are common, and our extensive experience with them ensures high-quality results. With proper maintenance, reed thatching can last over 20 years, and regular upkeep can extend its longevity even further.

Long Straw Thatching

Long straw thatching is typically used on older historical buildings, many of which are listed structures. This type of thatching is more complex than others, causing many thatching companies to avoid such projects. However, our significant experience with long straw thatching and historical buildings allows us to take on these challenges, and we welcome inquiries for listed structures to find effective solutions.

Straw Roof Thatching

Straw-thatched properties are a quintessential feature of the UK countryside, known for their picturesque appeal. Beyond their aesthetic value, straw roof thatching provides excellent waterproofing and insulation against cold weather, as well as UV protection during summer. This combination of beauty and functionality makes straw thatching a highly desirable option.

Historic Thatch

Why Choose Us?

The Thatch Inspectors has many satisfied customers from all over the United Kingdom and stands as a prominent thatching company. Our two decades plus of experience allows us to handle any thatching inspection required, while also providing a way of making necessary repairs. All of our jobs are guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years.

Why Work with a Thatching Consultant?

Our thatch inspectors are ready, willing, and able to advise and provide inspections on how to renovate and repair your thatched roof.

With over two decades worth of experience, our inspectors have been brought in to work on properties across the UK. Check out our Google Review and you’ll see a host of happy customers who are more than satisfied with our work. 

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time for one of our inspectors to come over and assess your thatched roof.