Pest Control

Our pest control inspections will ensure your thatched roof remains pest free using our advice and recommendations made on the inspection.

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Pest Control Inspections

Pests are one of the biggest threats to a thatched roof and can cause major damage if left untreated for a length of time. Thatched roofs are vulnerable to pests such as rats and birds due to their construction which can provide hiding places. Conducting an inspection with us will show these weak points in the roof and allow you to take the necessary action to fix them.

What is Involved in the Consultation?

As part of your pest control inspection, we will inspect you roof in its entirety for any pest issues. This could be anything from potential hiding spots to problems where pests have already damaged the roof. A full breakdown will be provided along with any advice on how to resolve the problems identified.

How Do I Get Rid of Pests?

Our inspection will allow you to effectively eliminate any pest problems you may have with your thatched roof. Using our carefully selected partners measures can be taken to prevent pests in the future with the installation of wire mesh for example. Our inspectors will be able to talk you through all of these steps and the costs involved.

Buying a Thatched Property for the First Time?

Purchasing a property with a thatched roof for the first time can be a daunting task. There are a few factors to consider when buying a property with a thatched roof over a conventional roof. Pests can create potential problems for your thatched roof. Knowing this before purchasing a thatched roof property for the first time, will save you money in the future.

Why Work with a Thatching Consultant?

Our thatch inspectors are ready, willing, and able to advise and provide inspections on how to renovate and repair your thatched roof.

With over two decades worth of experience, our inspectors have been brought in to work on properties across the UK. Check out our Google Review and you’ll see a host of happy customers who are more than satisfied with our work. 

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time for one of our inspectors to come over and assess your thatched roof.