About Us

We are one of the United Kingdom’s leading thatched roof inspectors with over two decades worth of experience. We are able to inspect both domestic and commercial properties as well as advise on any work needed.

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About The Thatch Inspectors

The Thatch Inspectors are one of the UK’s leading thatching inspectors, trusted by property owners up and down the country. We have over two decades of experience within the thatching industry, we’re equipped to handle any type of thatch inspection both domestic and commercial.

Our Service

We provide specialist thatched roof advice and quality surveys for commercial properties and domestic home owners across the UK. These can typically be grouped into four types of survey:

1. Routine & Scheduled Surveys (such as Annual or Periodic)

2. Maintenance Surveys (Health checks & Minor Issues)

3. Emergency Surveys (such as leaks or damage)

4. Informative Surveys (such as Insurance, Mortgage etc)

For more information please talk with our friendly team.

About Us
Roof Thatchers

Commitment to

Customer Care

We have always placed Customer Care at the centre of our operations and philosophy, whether we are providing first class support to our customers in our offices to schedule and co-ordinate inspections, to the lead of expertise and advice we provide within our thatch surveys. Please speak with our friendly team should you need support.

Our Thatcher Network

Our team of skilled craftsmen, thatchers, carpenters and builders work closely with conservators and preservationists to conserve the architectural beauty of your home. We use modern techniques to ensure our thatched roofs and repairs are as robust as possible without sacrificing the historical details that make our buildings unique.

Why Work with a Thatching Consultant?

Our thatch inspectors are ready, willing, and able to advise and provide inspections on how to renovate and repair your thatched roof.

With over two decades worth of experience, our inspectors have been brought in to work on properties across the UK. Check out our Google Review and you’ll see a host of happy customers who are more than satisfied with our work. 

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time for one of our inspectors to come over and assess your thatched roof.